About Us.

Briarwood Farm is a local organic farm that uses advance pasture management techniques to provide nourishment to our animals as nature originally intended. Beef and lamb from cows and sheep that have lived on nothing but mothers' milk and nature's grass is healthy and delicious, with a flavor unlike anything you can buy from a grocery store. From their weaning, our cattle and sheep rotationally graze on pasture grass only, our laying chickens are free range and eat only from organic rich feed and grasses, providing natural and rich tasting food for health conscious consumers.
The Farm is also host to senior horses living at the Crescent Moon Equine Sanctuary ( CMES provides the care and attention that senior horses require to live out their life in a healthy and fully natural environment.

In today's health-conscious environment, our clients want to know where their food comes from and how it was raised. Mike Pickett and Kathleen Ard have created Briarwood Farm as a way to ensure that the food  their family and friends eat is safe and healthy. They know that one of the most critical factors in their health is buried in the ground from which their pasture grasses grow. The organic nature of their pastures has been created from careful rotational grazing techniques that allow "good" grasses to replace "bad" grasses, and animals to build natural immunities to "crowd grazing" diseases.
Cynthia Elliott is an expert in the natural care and treatment of senior horses and is renown in the northwest for her intensive care of our equine guests.